Unusual Flavor Combinations

Unusual Flavor Combinations

Getting your morning source of caffeine is a personal experience, and at Gravity, we offer a diverse array of flavor options. From the plethora of syrups, infusions, and sauces we offer, we can create whatever you’re craving!

One of our most unique drinks is our Area 51 which consists of white coffee, white chocolate, and crème de menthe syrup. For many people, this is their first time trying mint-flavored coffee. This drink is light green in color and often surprises people when we tell them there’s coffee in it.

The Area 51 has a nutty flavor profile that is accented with the creaminess of white chocolate. But it’s our own Crème de menthe syrup is what creates this drink’s signature flavor. The combination of the three dominant flavors combines to create one of the most refreshing coffee-based beverages out there.

Our Purple Rain is a secret menu item so not many people know about it—but it consists of watermelon and lavender syrups, our signature blue energy, and is topped with coconut milk. Upon first sip, the lavender is the focal point, but the aftertaste is largely dominated by watermelon. We use our blue base in the Purple Rain because our purple base had not yet been developed when we created this drink.

Interstellar is one of the most well-known drinks from Gravity, but it can be hard to memorize the flavors that go into it. Our interstellar is made from vanilla, raspberry, blackberry, and orange syrups and it is paired with our original energy base. The drink is then topped with cream to finish it off. The flavor profile of this drink is rather complex because there are so many competing flavors, but the finished product is undeniably a fan favorite.